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  • 08/18/2021 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    We invite you to our next mentorship event on August 18, 12:00 pm PT:

    GRIT program: Developing a growth mindset - Join us for an interactive session on the grit and growth mindset.  Discuss hypothetical scenarios with mentors, classmates, and colleagues, and gain insights on how best to address the challenges we will face in law school and the workplace, and how to turn those challenges and defeats into opportunities for growth.  This is a GREAT opportunity for mentors and mentees to jointly attend, as the hypotheticals can be the starting point for future conversations.  Co-hosted by SABAW and ABA IP Section.  Presentation by ABA Member Katie Larkin Wong followed by multiple break-out room discussions.   Event is free and open to everyone.

    Register here: Meeting Registration - Zoom

  • 08/10/2021 8:18 AM | Anonymous

     Starbucks Corporation Law & Corporate Affairs Department 2021-2022 Diversity Mentorship Program The Starbucks Law & Corporate Affairs Department is pleased to invite mentee participants for our Starbucks Diversity Mentorship Program. This program will connect Starbucks in-house lawyers with junior attorneys from diverse backgrounds in one-to-one mentorship relationships. The Starbucks legal department boasts one of the most experienced and diverse groups of attorneys in the region, and our lawyers are excited to share their insights into learning the practice of law, their advice in navigating legal work environments, and for those who are interested, strategies for future career development.

    Following a virtual kick-off reception for incoming mentees and their mentors, this program will foster direct, informal interactions over a one-year period to help diverse junior attorneys connect and network in the local community of legal professionals and business leaders. The program is open to all lawyers in private practice in their first four years as an attorney, and who are members of one or more minority bar associations or diversity affinity groups.

    If you are interested in applying, please submit a cover letter and resume to committee member Heather Stutz at by Friday, August 20, 2021. In your cover letter, please identify your current area of practice (and your desired area, if different), your general interest in receiving mentoring, and the minority bar association(s) or affinity group(s) to which you belong.

    If you have any questions, please direct them to Heather, and one of our committee members will follow up with you. Sincerely, The Starbucks L&CA Diversity Mentorship Committee 

  • 08/05/2021 10:00 AM | Anonymous

    Please join the NCWBA for its 2021 Annual Women's Bar Leadership Summit: What's Your Why?, which will be held virtually August 5-12, 2021. This year's programming, which will be hosted over the course of several days, is designed to challenge women in leadership positions within their bar organizations to identify the motivators for the work they do and to develop strategies for harnessing the energy from those motivators to grow and lead their organizations.  It will feature programming on practical skills, networking opportunities, and ways for member organizations to learn to best use the community of support that the NCWBA provides.  


    If you would like more information on this year's Summit, please email our Executive Director, Christina Simpson ( To register, please click here.


    Please see below for a summary of the Summit events:


    • Kick off and Keynote Speaker on August 5, 2021 @ 1:00pm ET. Keynoting the event is Michelle Silverthorn, Diversity Speaker, Culture Change Expert, Founder of Inclusion Nation, and Author. Ms. Silverthorn “encourage[s] people to live authentically in diverse communities grounded in honesty, courage and leadership.” Her TedX talk can be viewed at  Followed by guided discussion.


    • Swearing In Ceremony and Opening Remarks on August 6, 2021 @ 1:00pm ET. Please join us for an introduction from our outgoing president, Nicolette S. Zachary, the swearing in of our new board year by Judge Hilda Tagle, Senior United States District Judge for the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas. Closing out this portion of programming will be remarks by our incoming president, Shiloh Theberge. Followed by Awards Ceremony, Trivia, and Networking.  


    • What’s Your Why: Why Representation Matters on August 9, 2021 @ 3:00pm ET. This program will feature a panel representing diverse career paths within the legal field, who are also women of color with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. The discussion will focus on the hurdles the panelists have faced in their careers, how they have overcome those hurdles and why having women, in particular BIPOC women, represented across our profession matters.


    • What’s Your Why: Mindfulness for the Legal Mind on August 10, 2021 @ 1pm ET. Join us for an interactive workshop on strategies for leveraging mindfulness to help you thrive. Mindfulness for the Legal Mind is a blend of classical mindfulness, contemplative neuroscience, and practical tools designed specifically for legal professionals who want to better understand the (legal) mind and learn ways to cultivate states of mind that support greater effectiveness and wellbeing. In this program, Judi Cohen, Founder of Warrior One and Lecturer at Berkeley Law, will provide an overview of mindfulness, share tips for using mindfulness to reduce stress and improve your overall performance, and lead you through guided mindfulness exercises.


    • Overcoming Leadership Obstacles: Panel Discussion and Workshop on August 10, 2021 @ 3pm ET: This session begins with a brief panel discussion by women lawyers with extensive backgrounds in in the worlds of public diplomacy, the military, corporations, and academia. They’ll talk about leadership challenges they’ve faced and the advice they wish they’d had earlier in their career. Then you’ll team up with them in small groups to problem solve real-life leadership challenges facing lawyers in their office or their bar association, in the areas of board governance, social media, and staff interactions. office challenges. This is a session for any leader who has ever asked “Why did this have to happen on my watch?”


    • What’s Your Why: Leveraging Energy into Action on August 11 @ 1pm ET. An inspirational conversation with women lawyers who have leveraged the energy behind their "why" into tangible action to make waves in their community.


    • What’s Your Why: Member Best Practices on August 11 @ 3pm ET. Interactive session for Summit participants to present and share their organizations’ innovative programs, initiatives, services, and solutions for issues facing their bar associations and women in the profession.


    • GOOD Guys: Young Lawyers Edition on August 12, 2021 @2 - 4pm ET.  This GOOD Guys program is the third of four planned joint programs with the Commission on Women in the Profession. This program is a brief presentation about the GOOD Guys program and includes a panel of young lawyers who are successful in their fields to discuss why they are GOOD Guys, why other male leaders should be GOOD Guys, and how male leaders can lead change for the benefit of all.

  • 08/03/2021 2:00 AM | Anonymous

    International Women's Day 2021

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    Event Type:Seminar




    SRA Competencies: A2, A5, C3

    International Women’s Day on 8 March is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality.

    In 2021 the Law Society will mark the year slightly differently to previous years, with a virtual event where we will be launching our joint Law Society and Bates Wells International Women in Law report "Practical Toolkit for Women in Law". This webinar will highlight and disseminate the report's key findings and recommendations. 

    This report reinforces the findings of the 2019 Law Society report 'Advocating for Change: Transforming the Future of the Legal Profession through greater Gender Equality'that there are still considerable challenges for women's progression in the legal profession. This report suggests a series of activities that can be undertaken by individuals and organisations to continue striving for gender equality. One of the key findings is the importance of law societies and bar associations in taking robust leadership for accelerating transformative changes on this area within their own jurisdictions.

    Written under extraordinary circumstances generated by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the report addresses the unparalleled set of challenges currently being faced by woman around the world. The report also highlights that there has been greater flexibility and more agile working resulting from the 'working from home' policy, which has contributed to changing attitudes towards working from home that has been made feasible and manageable due to technology. But this has also led to an increase in home-based burdens. Therefore, it is important to establish boundaries between home and work, which have become more blurred; so, a careful approach is needed. Sexual harassment continues to be a stubborn scourge in many workplaces, but that most women avoid talking about this issue due to the stigma attached and for fear that they will not be believed or will suffer a backlash for speaking out.

    Learning objectives

    This webinar will offer an opportunity to learn about;

    • Findings of the joint Law Society / Bates & Wells report on support mechanisms for women lawyers around the world
    • Challenges faced by women lawyers internationally
    • Strategies for improving gender equality in the legal sector
    • Sharing tools and best practice
    • Male champions for change
    • Women leadership in law

    This event is also:

    • An opportunity to learn more about the Law Society's international women in law programme work and to find out how to get involved
    • An opportunity to learn about the role of lawyers in upholding gender equality from a panel of experts 
    • A virtual networking opportunity

    Who should attend

    • Members from all practice areas of law  particularly with a public interest, human rights, or international dimension 
    • Lawyers at any stage of their careers both UK based or international

  • 08/02/2021 10:41 AM | Anonymous


    The Washington State Women’s Commission published its first biennial report on Monday, 26 July 2021. The report highlights the work undertaken by the Commission in its first two years and presents recommendations to the legislature and Governor’s Office to address issues of economic security, economic opportunity, safety, health, and racial equity.


    In June of 2018, Governor Jay Inslee signed House Bill 2759 into law, establishing the Washington State Women’s Commission. The Commission is tasked with gathering data and providing policy recommendations to the legislature and executive branch regarding issues disproportionately impacting women, ensuring more equitable opportunities and participation by dismantling systemic barriers.


    To spearhead the Commission’s work, the Governor appointed a diverse group of women leaders from the private sector, public health and healthcare, the justice system, community-based organizations and nonprofits, and labor.  Since their formation, the Commission has met with legislators, issue experts, community leaders, and stakeholders across Washington state to collect input for recommendations on improving equity, access, and participation for women in all areas of endeavor.


    Their first biennial report provides a review of the Commission's work since its establishment. The report serves to:

    · Introduce Commissioners and Commission staff;

    · Outline the critical issues that women in the state of Washington face, including childcare access and affordability, pay inequality, racial disparities in health and healthcare delivery, violence against women, and the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on women;

    · Summarize the priorities and past work of each of the Commission subcommittees, in partnership with businesses, professionals, and community organizations across Washington state; and

    · Present policy recommendations for consideration by the legislature and executive branch as well as those in the private and non-profit sectors.

    “We are immensely grateful to the leaders, experts, advocates, and everyday community members who have shared their research, work, and lived experiences with the Commission,” said Regina Malveaux, Director of the Women’s Commission. “This report represents just the beginning of our work. We look forward to further conversations and partnerships in our continued efforts to ensure every woman and girl is healthy, safe, prosperous, and empowered to achieve their full potential.”


    The full report is available on the Commission's website, at

  • 07/24/2021 12:22 PM | Anonymous

    The Office is now accepting applications from 3Ls and Judicial Clerks of qualifying courts to apply for an Assistant Attorney General position via the 2021 Honors Program! The deadline to apply for a permanent AAG position via the Honors Program is August 22, 2021. 

  • 07/21/2021 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    10% off registration with discount code!

    Join leading women lawyers from across the United States and abroad at the National Association of Women Lawyers’ 2021 Annual Meeting. NAWL will recognize and honor leading lawyers who have made a significant impact to improve and diversify the legal profession, as well as NAWL members who, through their time and effort, have made exceptional contributions to fulfilling NAWL's mission. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in interesting substantive programming along with plenty of networking opportunities. Through programming around this year’s theme of renew, reimagine, revitalize, you will leave inspired to reach new levels of success in your practice. Washington Women Lawyers members receive a 10% discount on registration by using code 21AMWWLClick here to register.


  • 07/20/2021 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    CLE Credit Activity ID: 1172379

    When: Jul 27, 2021 12:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

    Topic: Incorporating Race Equity into Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Litigation: Part 2


    Register in advance for this webinar (free to all):

  • 06/07/2021 7:17 AM | Anonymous
    • The ABA Commission on Women in the Profession is proud to unveil the newest tool for retaining women in the profession and helping them thrivea 21-Day Grit and Growth Mindset ChallengeThe 21- Days of Grit and Growth Mindset was created by the ABA Antitrust Law Section's Women. Connected committee and ABA Commission on Women in the Profession Grit committee. 

    • ·         The 21-Day Grit and Growth Mindset Challenge is composed of 21 short daily activities (typically 5-15 minutes) to build knowledge and acquire tools to develop grit and a growth mindset. The Challenge is designed for all women working in the legal profession or supporting the legal profession. People can participate on their own, or form a group to unpack the challenges and learnings together.


    The 21 Day Grit and Growth Mindset Challenge kicks off on Monday, June 7, 2021.

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