International Association of Woman Judges | Afghan Women Judges Aid Fund Campaign

08/22/2021 4:20 PM | WWL Admin (Administrator)
International Association of Woman Judges is

creating a fundraising campaign in support of our efforts. According to IAWJ: We will use the funds to provide direct aid to our Afghan members in desperate need and will be working on safe and fair ways to apply the funds. We will also use the funds to support the work of the IAWJ Afghan Women Judges’ Aid Committee, chaired by the IAWJ President, Justice Susan Glazebrook. For the Committee’s work, we need financial support for the translation, interpretation, logistical and administrative support needed to provide direct aid to our members and their families in Afghanistan. Our interpreters and our IAWJ staff have offered their time and expertise to meet this urgent need and we would like to compensate them through unrestricted funds. If we collect excess funds we will use these to support women judges globally who find themselves in need.

Donations can be made through check (the IAWJ mailing address is below); through wire transfer; or through the 'Donate' page on the IAWJ website. When donating, please be sure to indicate Afghan Women Judges’ Aid Committee in the memo of your donation. If you have questions about donating or for the wire transfer information, please contact Executive Director, Christie Jones, at

International Association of Women Judges
2000 M Street, NW
Suite 750 C
Washington, DC 20036

Network and Expertise Support

The Afghan Women Judges’ Aid Committee is gathering a list of resources and contacts that could assist with ensuring the safety of our Afghan members. We welcome the names and emails of any contacts you might have that might be of assistance as well as any immigration or refugee process information for your country that you are able to share. We are also aware of several members who would like to offer housing for those women judges and their families who are able to be resettled. If you have resources to share and housing to offer, please contact IAWJ Board Secretary/Treasurer Robyn Tupman at

Letters of Support

Earlier this week, each of our member associations received an email calling for them to write letters condemning the situation in Afghanistan and in support of our members. We encourage each association to write these letters and share with the appropriate government officials and media outlets in your country. Please also be sure to share these letters with the IAWJ directly at as we are collecting them.


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