Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor

01/04/2023 11:22 AM | Anonymous
Position Description

With more than 200 attorneys and professional staff, the Seattle City Attorney’s Office is one of the largest law offices in Seattle and is the third largest public law office in the state. Our office is committed to making Seattle a safe, healthy, empowered and thriving community for everyone. We strive to address historical injustices within the court system with self-examination and to pursue justice in Seattle with integrity, creativity, and fairness. We believe working transparently, innovatively, and in collaboration with our partners in the community is necessary to achieve outcomes that promote equity, accountability, and healing.

Are you passionate about impaired driving? If so, this opportunity may be for you!

The Seattle Washington Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP) works collaboratively with the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, other Washington TSRPs, and TSRPs around the nation implementing strategies aimed at reducing alcohol and drugged driving injuries and deaths, as detailed in the Washington Strategic Highway Safety Plan: Target Zero.   The City of Seattle has held a TSRP grant since 2017.

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