Hearing Examiner

12/05/2022 7:57 PM | Anonymous


Hearings Examiner (HE2) (Details here)


$66,420.00-$87,144.00 Annually


As our Hearings Examiner you will preside over administrative hearings to adjudicate disputes between licensees and the Department, under Title 46 RCW.  Working under tight deadlines with flexibility and agility you will perform legal research by using electronic research tools, analyze relevant law, and determine the application of law to the facts. You will exercise final decision-making authority when presiding over administrative hearings. As the Hearings Examiner, you will frequently determine the admissibility of evidence, direct procedural protocol, authorize issuance of subpoenas, rule on motions and objections, and consider all evidence and legal argument to determine whether the Department’s remedial sanctions against drivers are lawful.

Some of what you will do:

  • Perform legal research by using electronic research tools.
  • Analyze relevant law and determine the application of law to the facts.
  • Review audio and video evidence.
  • Create and type final orders with findings of fact and conclusions of law rescinding or sustaining the department’s actions.
  • Preside over telephonic adjudicative hearings/interviews to establish a lawfully completed record.
  • Knowledgeably and decisively verbalize on the audio record various rulings on motions and evidentiary objections.
  • Read and analyze briefs, motions, and department records.

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